About me

Hey there. 

Marketer by day.

Reader by night.

Adventurer on the weekends.

This site is a mash-up of the two things I’ve consistently loved most in life - traveling and reading. And since my day job is in marketing, I’m going to tell you all about it.

In 2013, I took a year off work and traveled to 16 countries. Most of the travel posts you’ll find here are from that time and I’m slowly adding more from the five years that have passed. 

Since I’m not in a position (quite yet) to stop working and travel full-time again, I’m embarking on a project to read a book from every country in the world. My passport won’t get stamped, but I’ll still have the opportunity to see life through someone else’s eyes. And most importantly, I’m going to do it through a woman’s eyes. I’m attempting to read a book written by a woman living in, or from, every country. 


I’ve always loved to read and one of the first things I do when landing in new city is find the library. 

I was that kid on the Battle of the Books team in elementary school who read more than my assigned list. (And I’m sure tried to show how smart I was by answering more questions).

I’m also that adult who can tune everything, and everyone, out to finish reading a Harry Potter book (for the second time no less!) - when I’m on a boat coasting through a beautiful mountain lake. 

Yes, I’m a total nerd. :)

I hope you enjoy traveling along and I’d love to hear about new places and new books you’re discovering!

My home base is Bend, Oregon so if you’re in the area - say hi!

I also really like to eat. Who doesn’t?

I also really like to eat. Who doesn’t?