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Jill: The reader, the planner, the one who never turns down a beer or a glass of wine, the person who remembers everywhere they’ve been and everything they’ve done.  The one who gets them down a mountain.

Dave: The one finding the tallest tree, the person opening the bottle of wine or beer, the guy throwing a football, the one who brings a little of adventure to their lives. The one who gets them up the mountain.

Jill & Dave: Two people originally from Chicago (who very happily became San Francisco transplants) who like hikes, bikes, beer, wine, meeting new people and seeing new places.  Also a couple who truly love life and want to explore and challenge themselves to a fuller and richer one. They traveled around the world in 2013 and are back resetting in California before their next big adventure.

After a 20 year career in journalism, Dave combined his work with his passion for wine, landing a marketing position with Hess Collection Winery in Napa Valley. His love for wine grew deeper with this experience and he plans to use his current travels to write about many of the world’s great wine regions. After returning to the States in 2014, Dave continues to pursue his wine passion with Marietta Cellars.

Jill is a former corporate and non-profit cube dweller with a passion for the outdoors, wine and craft beer.  After years of experience in public relations, education and corporate recruiting, she has traded conference calls for the call of the wild, letting the wind take her to her next adventure.