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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012

The Packing List Continues to Grow


We have spent enough money at REI in the last few months to hold stock in the company. I have been using the trip as an excuse to buy new clothes and gear under the premise that I’ll need it to really hold up well. Let’s be honest – I could have packed for the trip with everything I currently owned. But, shopping was fun and buying summer clothes in the fall and winter meant some great sales and deals for both of us.

Today we did a dry-run of packing our bags (mainly clothes & shoes) to see if we’d have room for everything we’ve been buying and planning for. Our initial packing list is here. As you can see, my items well surpass what Dave plans to bring. Since we will be volunteering in professional working environments in Cambodia, I have to bring some additional items that will be appropriate for an office. I can’t just rely on tank tops, which were initially the bulk of my shirts!

We are each taking carry-on sized bags as our main luggage so we make sure to pack light and don’t need to rely on checking our bags when flying.

I am using the Tom Bihn Aeronaut and Dave is using the Osprey Porter 46. Both are sized as the maximum carry on for most planes. While they aren’t true “backpacks”, they each have the ability to convert to backpacks or duffle-style bags. I have used my bag since we left California and I’ve loved how much it holds and how light it is. We debated the pros and cons of using our larger backpacks, but decided against them because we wanted bags that were easier to pack and unpack. If we decide to go on a longer trek, we’ll find a way to rent true backpacks.

Jill's first packing attempt

Jill’s first packing attempt

We are planning to be a bit more organized when actually pack for the trip by using packing cubes, but for a first attempt, I was pretty happy that my things fit with some room to spare.

Dave learns how to roll his clothes!

Dave learns how to roll his clothes!

It seems like I’m bringing too many clothes and I’m sure well-versed travelers would agree. I’m most nervous about having the right types of clothes for working in Cambodia, along with knowing I’ll be sweaty often since it is the hot season while we’re there. Sleeveless shirts/dresses aren’t an option for working there, but I know I’ll want them on weekends and for the remainder of our trip.

After the sweltering heat of Asia, we’ll be traveling to Australia and New Zealand during their fall/winter months so we’ll also need some warmer clothing options…our dream of spending a year in summer is quickly fading away.

I’m sure we’ll be fine tuning our list in the coming weeks. Any advice is much appreciated!






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  1. A couple of things I found helpful on my trip last year:

    silk long underwear – very lightweight and a warm layer in colder areas, also good for PJs

    light weight laundry bag

    Am loving following your posts. So jealous as I return to work after my year off traveling . . .