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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012

The Next Big Step: We’re Done Working!

Each day it seems we get one step closer to realizing our dreams of traveling the world.  This week contained a major milestone.  As of Friday, we turned off our work computers for the last time and said goodbye to colleagues and friends.  We are officially done working!

My Monday-Friday life for the last 4.5 years

“Can I wipe it?” our IT manager said to me as I handed him my company issued iPhone.

“Sure,” as I re-entered my password for him.

In literally 10 seconds, almost five years of my life was erased.

Next I handed over my lap top.  It was much less dramatic since he couldn’t destroy all my hard work while I was sitting in front of him.  An odd feeling swept over me – I no longer had the responsibilities associated with carrying a lap top and PDA around with me all the time.  It is now completely my choice on how often I check my email or start up my computer.

It felt so freeing.

I know I will have to work again in some capacity.  This isn’t the start of my early retirement (unfortunately!).  I feel so grateful to have this space of time ahead to explore more of myself as we travel the world.  I know how lucky we are to be able to up and leave our jobs to pursue a dream.

Dave and I will both miss the great friends we made at our jobs.  They carried us through the good times and the frustrating times.  There are plenty of things I won’t miss though (conference calls, being cc’d on 300 emails a day, spouting out corporate lingo and seeing myself in fluorescent lights every day).   How has no one figured out better lighting in office buildings yet?

As I stepped off my commuter bus for the last time on Friday morning, it felt like any other day.  But as I turned in my badge and carried my belongings out of the office a few hours later, I knew it was the start of something incredible.

My daily commute comes to a close




  1. Congrats! Love the pic of Big Al & Babs on your desk!

    • I thought Babs would like the shout out!

  2. Let the ADVENTURE begin.
    No pressure, but now we’re all living vicariously through you guys.

    • We’ll try to make it a good trip for you! 🙂