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Posted by on Sep 23, 2012

Reflections on Quitting My Job


Two years ago, my Aunt passed away after a very sudden and fast moving infection. It was terribly sad and tragic for myself and my family.

At her wake, I watched more than 500 people come to pay their respects. People young and old shared their memories with us. My Aunt Jean had a  gift for warming the hearts of everyone she met.

I have reflected often on the life my Aunt led. She was a generous, adventurous and free-spirited soul. She embraced life and found love and laughter in many things. She was so comfortable to be with and was able to fit in regardless of the situation.

I guess it’s apropos that on the eve of her two year passing, I found the courage to embrace my own life and deep rooted dreams. On that day, I gave my notice at work in anticipation of leaving in two months to travel the world.

When I gave my actual notice, I became more emotional than I imagined I would. In the days leading up to the conversation, I felt an odd sense of calm – mainly rooted in the belief that this is the right decision for Dave and I at this point in our lives.  The emotions that overwhelmed me were a complete surprise.

It hit me hard in that moment of quitting my job that this is all really happening. Everything I have hoped for, planned for and saved for is actually being realized. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I’m capable of doing big things.

I have been thinking about what my Aunt would say to this announcement were she still alive. I imagine it would be something like, “Jill Ann – go change the world – you can do it.”   I picture my Aunt looking down on me today, proud of the woman I am and even prouder of the woman I will become.

I don’t have those grandiose hopes for what I’m capable of accomplishing with just this trip, but I’m confident she will be cheering me on every step of the way (cow bell in hand).

It’s to my Aunt Jean that I dedicate this trip and the adventure I’ll soon find myself on. May her spirit and zest for life guide me along my path.