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Posted by on Mar 21, 2013

Random Thoughts by Dave – 5 Jet-Setting Years with Jill, 5 Miserable Minutes with Mark


It’s been five years today (tomorrow if you’re in the States) since I made the best move of my life — marrying a robot Jill Jozwiak. It seems somewhat fitting that we are spending our anniversary in Cambodia since long distances have been a big part of our relationship. We dated between Berkeley and Chicago for two years (fortunately I had a job where I could work remotely so I could see my nieces Jill regularly), then I insisted Jill graciously agreed to move to California. It’s been one adventure after another since then. As you can see from our year-long trip, Jill is up for pretty much anything and always brings her mad map skills a positive attitude to our escapades. I realize she puts up with a lot with me and I keep a lawyer on retainer just in case she gets fed up am grateful for that. I admit I can be a bit of a slob, but keep telling her it wouldn’t work if she was with someone who was anal retentive clean like she is. She tells me she’d like to find out not to worry about it, she likes me just the way I am. Jill, I am absolutely crazy about love you.

Our wedding day 5 years ago.

Our wedding day 5 years ago.

Isn’t it so annoying cool that I figured out how to use the strike-out function in WordPress? I’ll make sure to use it all the time sparingly, I’m not the kind of person who runs a gimmick into the ground.

One thing you don’t see much of in Cambodia, probably because many people here are just getting by, are multi-vitamins. If you do find them, they’re re a whopping $30 for a bottle of One-a-Day. A woman I work with even has someone from France send them to her. On the other hand, birth control pills (sorry Babs/Mona/new Pope) and erectile dysfunction pills are in abundant supply and sold over the counter without a prescription. You can even find generic Viagra and Cialis in mini marts at a fraction of what it would cost in the U.S.…so I’m told.

Over-the-counter everything.

Over-the-counter everything.

Quick shout out to my friends at Post Cereal for sending Raisin Bran to Cambodia and making sure I get up and go! A few too many raisins, but I’m not complaining.

As I’ve mentioned before, our experiences with Cambodian people have been nothing short of fantastic. The people we work with are extremely appreciative that we’re here and we have been treated well wherever we have gone in Cambodia. Which is why it is so disheartening to read comments about the Cambodian people from this tool blogger about his bad experiences here. Normally I wouldn’t waste any effort responding to such drivel, but my Cambodian colleagues in my office caught wind of his venom and are extremely offended. Actually, these posts are what Mark brags his site is about, no-holds barred looks at the places he visits without any sugar-coating. But I don’t think he followed his own philosophy of getting to understand the cultures of the places he travels and instead wrote something based on a few observations. Superficial asshole. Have a good weekend!



  1. Happy Anniversay!

    Love you both! Cheers to many, many more!!!

    Enjoy your day.


    • Thanks Mom, lots more to come I’m sure! Love you!

  2. Happy 5 jet-setting Anniversary years you two sweethearts!
    Jen and Brad

    • Thank you to the two best “ministers” a couple could have asked for. Love you two!

  3. Dave and Jill, Jill and Dave, oh well just our world travelers. Don’t quite know what is proper..just that Joe and I want to wish you both a very Special, Exciting, and Romantic Anniversary…wow…5 Years. It seems just like yesterday Dave told me….you won’t believe how wonderful “She” is,,,please tell her to move to Ca. … happy you did Jill. Love to you both. Wish you were here so I could bake a “big white cake” for you both. Love, Hugs, and Happiness. xoxoxo Patti &Joe.

    • Patti & Joe – you’re too sweet! You both, along with Brad and Jen, were the first to know about our engagement. I still laugh at that whole thing! Love you!

  4. Happy Anniversary Jill and Dave! We hope you enjoy your day!

  5. Congratulations Jill and Dave! I hope you’re able to celebrate the day and do something special. All the best to you both.

    A random thought from me……is there any correlation between the drugs in the glass case and the wine on the floor on the left side of the photo?

    • Thanks Patti! Dave says that he believes everything is intertwined šŸ™‚