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Posted by on Oct 30, 2013

Ramblings by Dave – Facebook, Coffee and Comforters


We’ve mentioned it before, but one of the best aspects of our trip is that we have remained relatively flexible regarding our itinerary and have asked friends and readers for tips on places to go and followed the blogs of other travelers to see what they were doing. Slovenia was not on our radar, but Jill read about on another blog, and what a find it was. Just a beautiful country that’s relatively cheap for European standards, good food and plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts. Put it on your list.

Lake Bled, Slovenia. One of the prettiest places we have been.

Lake Bled, Slovenia. One of the prettiest places we have been.

I’ve told Jill this story a few times, but it bears repeating. I have a niece who I’m friends with on Facebook. She posts quite often so I feel I have a good handle on her life and what she’s up to. One day she sent me a note intimating I didn’t show much interest in her, which was true to some extent. When I thought about it I realized that because of Facebook I felt that I was engaged with her because I read her posts and gave the occasional thumbs up. As she pointed out, however, I wasn’t. So my advice to you (our 10 loyal readers) is to reach out every once in a while and supplement those witty Facebook comments with an actual e-mail to someone you care about. And happy birthday Samantha, it’s been great keeping up with you while I’ve been traveling around the world.

By now you should know that we are wine and beer snobs and perhaps from Jill’s posts on finding the best coffee in every city we go to, coffee snobs. So it was to our horror on our recent sailing cruise that when we arrived for our first breakfast that there was a jar of instant coffee and some hot water on the table. There was a nicer coffee machine on board, but you had to pay for it and we wanted to save our ship money for alcohol our budget was stretched thin because of the cost of the cruise. Somehow, we survived those rough days on sea and the experience was not so terrible that we actually bought instant coffee at our next destination because they didn’t have a coffee pot. This seems like a good time to note that some of our favorite coffee on the trip was made by a Nespresso machine (thank you Heather Mitchell!). It’s one of those pod machines (the Nespresso people call them capsules), but the coffee in the pods is actually first-rate. Add it to the holiday gift list if you have a coffee lover at home.

Tasting bar at the London Nespresso store. Best London tourist attraction!

Tasting bar at the London Nespresso store. Best London tourist attraction!

Did you know that throughout much of Europe if you are sleeping in a double-bed they provide two separate twin-sized comforters? There’s no sheet, just a comforter. I don’t really like it and Jill often complains when I try to share her comforter. How is that my issue?

Double bed, double comforters??

Double bed, double comforters??

Quick note to Weather Channel online that you suck. We base a lot of our trip on where there will be nice weather and avoid places where it will be cold or rainy. Its prowess, at least in Europe, is awful. Yeah, I know, weather forecasts are often wrong, I just wanted my displeasure to be noted on the record.

We all know people who don’t believe global warming is real or do believe in trickle down economics (these are often the same people), which is why I was stunned when a reader actually took issue with my recent assertion that Jill was a robot, despite irrefutable proof that she was. I was so flabbergasted with his casual dismissal of this fact that I couldn’t even read the rest of what he said. Here it is:

My best to Jill.  She may not be a robot but that is one remarkable woman, partner and friend, and you’re the luckiest guy around, and that, you shouldn’t forget or take for granted.

Sometimes after traveling with someone 24/7 for more than 10 months, you need a reminder. Thanks buddy.

Stop taking pictures of me!

Stop taking pictures of me!



  1. Hey, you have 11 followers. I am so enjoying your adventures. You both are just awesome!

    • Not nearly as awesome as you Squatty! Miss you!

  2. Thumbs up!

  3. The twin comforters can’t be as bad as the floor that I have to sleep on at the fraternity house on Monday nights 😉

    • Hey, you didn’t hear us complain when we were sleeping in a van in New Zealand and Australia for 10 weeks…oh yeah, that’s all we did was complain. Carry on.

  4. Sam is in college now?!!?! — how did we get so old! Miss you both and see you soon 🙂

    • We didn’t get old Lori, just Sam.

  5. So glad you were able to find a piece of Grandma in Slovenia. Counting the days until you and our little robot are home!

    Love and miss you both!

    • She was so happy eating that cake. Even though it wasn’t fresh. See you soon.

  6. 12 followers, and you’re welcome