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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012

Our Bags are Packed


This weekend marked the last trip to our storage unit and to our local Goodwill.  All our things are now either in storage, for sale at the Oakland Goodwill store or in our car which is now our traveling home as we make our way to Chicago.  We had to play a massive game of Tetris to fit everything into our storage space – all those years of Nintendo really paid off.

Many people sell all their things as they embark on a trip like ours, but it didn’t seem like the right idea for us.  We’ll see what we think when we come back and open the storage unit door.  We still have way too many possessions even after major purging activity for the last couple of years.

Our storage unit – YIKES!

We have traded our storage unit full of things to a car full of gear for a two-week cross-country road trip, a month of winter in Chicago and all of the items we are planning to take on our big trip.  I’m planning to pack all my things for our trip in my new Tom Bihn Aeronaut bag and I’m testing it out on our road trip.

A semi-packed RTW bag

It’s small in comparison to the bags many people take on RTW trips, but I want to be able to carry my bag onto any plane, bus or train.  So far, I’m loving how light the bag is and how much I can fit in it without even using packing cubes yet.

Today we drove across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco and waved goodbye to our home.  I have loved living here – it has been a great fit for the life I want to lead.  It feels strange knowing we don’t have a home here any longer, just a dark, cold storage unit full of things we’ve somehow accumulated (especially wine).

Our new life hasn’t really hit us since we are spending the Thanksgiving holiday with family in Yosemite.  It seems like something we would normally do over a long weekend.  Dave and I are both wondering when we’ll feel like we have truly left the 9-5 life behind.

The day after Thanksgiving we officially start our trip, heading south through Sequoia National Park to eventually camp in Death Valley for a couple of nights before continuing east.

We’ve only been unemployed for two days, but we’ve already forgotten what day it is.  We’re off to a good start.



  1. You left WINE in your storage unit??? I certainly would have stored it here and looked after it for you to ensure it’s safety 😉

    • The storage unit is lined with wine…it’s totally insane. I’m not sure you’d have room for it all!!