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  1. a journey or a voyage
  2. a journey, voyage or run made by a boat, train, bus or the like, between two points
  3. a stumble, a misstep
  4. to step lightly or nimbly; skip; dance
  5. to make a journey or excursion

After years of being weekend travel warriors, we embarked on an incredible adventure traveling the world in 2013.  It truly was a journey and a voyage – one that was filled with missteps, boats, trains, buses and tuk-tuks, stepping lightly and plenty of skipping and dancing.

This site documents some of these adventures and provides resources to others stuck in a perpetual wanderlust state like ourselves. Our trip around the world in 2013 is just the beginning of our story.

Our philosophy on travel – and life – focuses on exploring what is most important in our lives and how to fill our precious moments with the things that matter. In essence, doing what you (we) want. Our hope is to inspire others to recognize what matters to them and then realize those dreams. We believe exploration is for everyone.

Here are a few places to get started to learn about our story and our adventures.

Who We Are

How We Got Here

How Much Money We Spent Traveling for a Year

Where Our Trip Around the World Took Us

Dave’s Random Ramblings on Traveling the World