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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012

How We Got Here


When I met Dave in 2006, I not only found a boyfriend (to become husband), but a partner whose wanderlust matched my own. On our second date we were planning a trip up the California and Oregon coasts. Four weeks later, I was on a plane meeting him in Oakland to start the trip.

A stop at Crater Lake on our first trip

For the last six years, we have been making the most of our vacation days and have enjoyed an immensely rich travel life. All the while, we have been talking starry-eyed about taking a trip around the world. Definitely a dream that I didn’t think would ever be a reality.

A year and a half ago I began a blog to document our weekend adventures and stretch the creative side of my brain that felt trapped in a cubicle. Writing this blog has been a great source of fulfillment – not only for my creative juices but also to push us to live a life of constant discovery.

As I continued to blog, I did research on other blogs and stumbled upon a rich community of travelers who had taken, were on, or were planning a round the world (RTW) trip. My mind began to race.  If these everyday people were doing it, couldn’t we?

I became immersed in websites, articles and stories about long-term travel. I attended the Meet, Plan, Go event in San Francisco in 2011, which introduced me to real people who have lived their travel dreams. Everything was becoming more of a possibility.

We progressively got more serious about our own dream. We took a hard look at our finances and the savings account our well-paying jobs had fueled – figuring out how we could travel for a year or more with no steady income. To our surprise, our “trip fund” was close to full, allowing us to travel and have a cushion to come back to.

On a recent Yosemite trip

In the Spring of 2012, Dave and I committed to making our dream a reality sooner rather than later and put things in motion.  We weren’t sure when we would take our trip, but we knew it could be in our near future if we focused our efforts. Our biggest hurdle was a condo to sell during a lingering recession, which would allow us to pull the trigger on our other plans.

In August, we sold our condo and from there we were off. Full court press RTW planning.

In the last few weeks, we have both given notice at our jobs. We are resigning, not taking leaves, so the future is a gift of impending uncertainty (wrapped in a round the world trip bow). The support we’ve received from our family, friends and co-workers has been tremendous. Many say we’re getting to live their dreams. I hope we not only live them, but inspire them.

I’m so excited our plans are more public now. We plan to update this site as we tie up loose ends and start our big trip.

Our tentative itinerary will be posted soon – we have A LOT to do before it can become close to trip-ready.

I’m grateful that we have the ability to take this trip and that I married a husband who wants to experience life as much as I do. We are fortunate in so many ways.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you!







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