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Posted by on Dec 1, 2013

Slowly Heading Home on a Transatlantic Cruise


324 days.

16 countries.

90 cities and towns.

19 flights.

12 long-distance train rides.

Countless bus rides, subway rides and miles walked.

All in service of living our dream – traveling the world for a year.

Our RTW route since January 2013.

Our RTW route since January 2013.

Have we scratched the surface of this world? Yes. Is there so much more to see? Absolutely. This was just one year, a small glimpse at far off places we never imagined we would have the opportunity to spend so much time visiting.

But, it is time to head home for a while. Time to regroup, reflect on our journey and what may be the next one ahead.

Today, as you read this, we will be checking-in and boarding the Celebrity Silhouette in Rome, which will take us all the way back to the States. Fifteen days from now we will be landing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a bittersweet pause in our traveling life. For the next 14 days we will be mostly off-the-grid while our ship first travels through the Mediterranean and then spends eight days at sea crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We have some blog posts scheduled while we are at sea so you will hear from us occasionally.

The ship route from Rome to Florida.

The ship route from Rome to Florida.

While we could have gotten home significantly faster by flying, we are looking forward to the time on the ship to reflect on the last year, talk about what may be ahead and get through the 15 books we have loaded on our Kindles. It is a self-imposed digital detox that we desperately need after spending way too much time attached to our computer, iPad and phone these past few months. It continues to baffle me how much time we can spend on our screens day in and day out, even while we are out in the world seeing things.

So, as we sign off for two weeks, we say thank you for following us as we have lived this dream.

We don’t really know what is next. We think it will involve trying to find work we both can enjoy for a while, but we are open to what that means and where it takes us. We hope you will stay along for that part of the ride too.

Bon Voyage!

Naples, Italy - one of our final RTW stops.

Naples, Italy – one of our final RTW stops.




  1. It has been an exciting year seeing the world thru your eyes. Thanks for the ride! More exciting for me is in 19 days you will be in Chicago! I will miss your daily emails, that will make these next 15 days very long. Love you both and safe travels.
    Love you,

  2. Travel safe, and don’t put back all the weight you managed to turn into muscle over the past year by staying too long at the midnight buffet….