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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012

Election Anticipation

With nine days left of work, there is a spreadsheet full of things we need to accomplish and none more time sensitive than figuring out our health insurance plans for the next  year.  Our employer sponsored health benefits expire at the end of November and we’ll need to have both U.S. coverage for December and part of January and then global insurance for our trip.

I’ve done some research, talked to an insurance broker and semi-understand our options.  But we feel handicapped until after November 6 – the election.  If the Affordable Health Care Act stays in place, as of January 2014, we can’t be denied coverage in the U.S. based on pre-existing conditions.  It means we can elect to get global health insurance that fully protects us on our trip, but may not be considered U.S. coverage for the continuous coverage clause that currently exists in the States.  If we return to the States after January 2014, we can’t be denied coverage and can elect a U.S. insurance plan that will cover us even if we have pre-existing conditions.

If the act gets reversed by a new president, our health care coverage could potentially be denied if something happens to us medically during our trip if we choose a global health insurance plan.  The preventative heath insurance we would need to purchase if the act does not remain could be $500 more a month.  We’re talking $600 for a half year or $600 a month. It seems insane.

There are numerous reasons we’ll be awaiting the election results, but this one will ultimately determine how long we can travel and what our budget (minus health care) will actually be.