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Posted by on Aug 30, 2013

Dave’s Ramblings from Norway and London


I didn’t have many expectations about Norway before our visit there, but came away totally blown away by the beauty of its fjords and the small cities along our cruise route. To me, it was like cruising through Yosemite as the rock formations of Norway and Yosemite are quite similar. I’m so happy my parents got to experience it with us. The trip could not have gone any better.

The crew in Flam, Norway.

The crew in Flam, Norway.

Thanks to my mother for bringing my Riedel O to Go glasses with her and to my mother-in-law for giving them to her.  Also happy to be reunited with a Nerf football after a few long months without one.  So happy to not be carrying that case of wine from New Zealand and Australia with me anymore.

O to Go and the football in London!

O to Go and the football in London!

London, meet Global Warming. Global Warming — London. After an uncharacteristically warm summer, London is heading into fall on a sunny note. Temperatures have been in the 70s here for the past three days, making a great city even better. Locals seem to be caught off guard. I’ve seen a lot of sunburned people while we’ve been out.

I forgot how much Europeans smoke until I got to London. I think far more than any other place we visited. We went to a park the other day to have a picnic and it was futile to find a spot to sit in the grass that was not littered with cigarettes.

Aren’t statues amazing? I still have no idea how people make statues and don’t really want to know so I can remain in awe.

Statues on the theater in Bergen, Norway.

Statues on the theater in Bergen, Norway.

Billboards for the new Rachel McAdams movie, About Time, are all over the London buses. It’s billed as a “New, funny love story. With a bit of time travel,” and movie-goers are encouraged to  reserve tickets now. I may be going out on a limb here, but I think people will be able to walk up to the theater and buy a ticket the day of.

I’m probably dating myself with this one, but it still seems strange to me to see people on crutches with the support around their arms rather than under them.

Did you know Londoners just leave their garbage bags on the side of the road for pick-up? Any day of the week. How they don’t have a severe rodent problem is beyond me. Or maybe they do.

Vodafone is advertising on the side of London cabs that 4G is coming “soon.” What does soon mean? Is September or October soon, or is 2014? People in need of a phone I’m sure are paralyzed by this.

Does anyone else think about these things other than me?

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  1. Oh man Dave, some things never change. Haven’t had a good dose of random ramblings in a while.