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Beyond Sauvignon Blanc – A New Zealand Wine Travel Guide


Armed with a limited budget, a small campervan and just five weeks in the winter of 2013, we set out on a journey to find the best wine in New Zealand.

Planning a trip to taste wine in New Zealand turned out to be more difficult than we imagined. A smattering of web sites, a few wine regional maps and a small number of magazine articles was all we had to blaze our trail. As self-professed experts in the art of wine tasting and wine country exploration, we knew something was missing. Where was the comprehensive resource on New Zealand wine travel that exists in so many other regions and countries?

We vowed to use our trip for the betterment of others coming after us.  An e-book idea was conceived and we set to work making appointments with winemakers, winery owners, vineyard managers and cellar door staff.  Kiwi hospitality did not let us down and after visiting more than 40 wineries on both the North and South Islands, Beyond Sauvignon Blanc: A Search for the Best Wine in New Zealand, was born.

Focused on the stories from our many tasting adventures, Beyond Sauvignon Blanc introduces readers to the New Zealand wine world – both for future visitors and arm-chair travelers. If you will never make it to New Zealand, you will still find plenty of ways to taste its sense of place by visiting your local wine shop.

Beyond Sauvignon Blanc is now available in Kindle Edition at and as a PDF download.

Beyond Sauvignon Blanc - our foray into wine travel publishing.

Beyond Sauvignon Blanc – our foray into wine travel publishing.


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