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Posted by on Jan 21, 2014

An Answer for the Most Frequently Asked Question – What’s Next?


It has been nearly a month since we last posted to the blog. Most of you who read this have seen us lately so it hasn’t really seemed necessary to post our updates. I do have some travel stories left to tell though and they will slowly come out as I get my energy back for writing.

The past few weeks have been filled with reunions, lots of missed foods and surprisingly enough train, bus and airplane travel in the States to make it seem like we are still full-time travelers. The big difference is that we are actually around people we know! After spending a week and a half in Chicago, we bolted for the West Coast to really complete the circle and revisit our old home (well, what is left of it in a storage unit).

The tetris-like storage unit.

The tetris-like storage unit.

It was a last minute trip that eventually handed us our future.

While in California, Dave interviewed for a job at a winery and in a whirlwind week, got offered the position and then accepted it. It was a week of hand wringing, some sleepless nights and uneasy excitement about fully re-entering the lives we had left behind just a year before.

Speaking of a year before, this is what we were doing.

Snorkeling in Thailand last January.

Snorkeling in Thailand last January. No, that’s not Dave behind me.

And this year, we are gearing up to brave Chicago’s second “polar vortex.” Yes, it makes no sense to us either.

In a few weeks, we will be moving back to California for our next adventure. We will be living in Healdsburg – a small wine country town in the northern part of Sonoma (and also where we got married!). While Dave is jumping back in to work, I am still adjusting to being home and foresee a slower transition back to “real life.” It seems strange not to update a budget spreadsheet with our expenses every day and I find myself longing for the unpredictability of our previously unscheduled days.

We continue to be grateful for the experiences we had this past year and they keep us energized for the possibilities of what could be ahead in the years to come. Travel isn’t out of our systems, it is an even bigger part of our lives now.

Stay tuned for some updates in the next few weeks – we have our New Zealand wine e-book in the works and some changes to the Do What You Want Trips site that we hope will allow it to live on even without new, grand adventures. As always, thanks for being along for the ride.


  1. Holy Storage Unit!

    • I know, right?? May need to employ your services as we clean it out.

  2. Welcome back and I hope to see both of your soon. Much luck with the new job!

    • Thanks Barbara, we look forward to making it to Napa at some point to see you and the rest of the Hess gang!

  3. I’m so excited you are coming back! I’ve missed you both! 🙂

    • Thanks Allison – can’t wait to see you when we’re back!

  4. Well I am glad you posted… Babs is slipping… I had no idea you were moving back to California and that Dave had a job lined up!!!! How exciting!!! I hope we get to see you before you leave???

    • Yes, all good news! Hope we get a chance to see you guys again…will be in touch!

  5. Big news! The travelers have landed 🙂 Congratulations Cousin Dave on the new job…South Australia’s (and our) loss is their gain 😉

    Take your time Jill…good to be in no rush. Join the no-rushers 🙂


    • Happily joining the ranks of the no-rushers, Robyn!

  6. Congratulations!! I cannot wait to come visit you in Healdsburg!