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Posted by on Oct 25, 2013

A Silly Story of How We Ended up on a Croatian Sailing Adventure


Two Librans decide to take a trip around the world. They love beauty, connecting with others but are hindered by indecisiveness. As one astrological guide puts it, “choosing one option out of two or more choices is probably the toughest task for the Libra. Their indecisiveness often becomes a hurdle in their path.”

It is October 10 and the two Librans have just spent almost a week trying to decide on their upcoming travel plans. They could (a) take a sailing trip around the Greek Islands, (b) do a similar trip with cycling/hiking options around the Islands in Croatia or (c) tour the Balkans on their own. After much debate and an incredible amount of time checking the weather forecast, they choose option (c) and travel to Croatia from Budapest. They have plans set for Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, and then a week in Slovenia before they will go back to continue through Croatia and its neighboring countries.

Entering Croatia to start touring the Balkans.

Entering Croatia to start touring the Balkans.

It is now October 11 and one Libran throws out the idea of taking the Croatian sailing trip that leaves the next day. This Libran wants to do something “epic” for their birthdays and near the end of their year trip. Scrambling ensues.

“You need to decide soon, the local office closes in five minutes.” The Librans are talking to the travel agent they have been communicating with about the Croatian Island trip.

“Okay, we are ready to book it,” replies Libran one.

“Are you in Opatija now?” asks the agent to see if the Librans are near the ship’s departure site.

“We’re not, but we think we can get there tomorrow morning in time for sailing.”

A credit card number is exchanged for a confirmation number and the two Librans spend the rest of the evening figuring out how to get to Opatija, finding a pharmacy to buy medicine in case of seasickness and altering all of their reservations for Slovenia.

Luckily for them, Opatija is only a few hour bus ride away from Zagreb. In the darkness of the early morning, they walk to the bus station and board a bus full of locals headed for the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The two Librans find the ship through a slight drizzle of rain and are greeted by the crew who all reply, “Oh, so you’re the ones who just booked the trip last night!”.

They are ushered to their cabin to stow their bags, hop on their rented bicycles to make sure they fit properly and then whisked up to the main deck for the safety briefing before the ship sails.

The ship sets sail from Opatija, on the northern coast of Croatia.

The ship sets sail from Opatija, on the northern coast of Croatia.

“All of the passengers on the ship are Austrian and speak German, except for you two,” says the representative of the ship’s line before she gives the initial talk. “I will say everything in German first and then will summarize for you in English.”

The two Librans glance at each other now wondering what they really got themselves into. They had hoped a week on the open sea, sailing on a small boat would afford the opportunity to meet a few friends. With no German language knowledge between the two of the, it seems hopeless.

The ship’s barman brings out shot glasses for a toast before the ship sails. It is a walnut liquor made by the captain’s wife and it’s tasty. Maybe the Librans made the right decision after all.

The two Librans eventually get to know an Austrian couple on the ship and slowly befriend others with hand gestures and limited exchanges of English. They wake up each morning to breakfast and greetings of “guten morgen” or just “morgen” for those who are too tired to say the full greeting. Each day they hike or bike alongside the Austrians, soon realizing living in the mountains keeps you in good shape at any age (as the oldest woman on the trip leads the group cycling up a hill).

The rest of the group brought their own bikes and bike gear. The Librans had none of these things with them.

The rest of the group brought their own bikes and bike gear. The Librans had none of these things with them.

They drink liters of beer on the top deck of the ship, try to keep up with the German songs and stories told at every meal and fall into life aboard a ship where they know little of what is being communicated. No decisions become necessary since they don’t understand the questions being asked. Their indecisiveness becomes a distant problem and they thoroughly enjoy a week of sailing in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Views from Island Krk, Croatia.

Views from Island Krk, Croatia.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post with a real review of our week on a hiking and biking sailing trip around Croatia.



  1. So happy you made that choice. Sounds so fun. Jen and Brad liked
    Croatia. Will miss you at Thanksgiving. Shall lead all in a toast to our travelers. I
    know Dave, you will miss our pie’s, cookies and cakes. Love to you both. Onward.

    • Ugh, we’ll miss all your and Lol’s desserts so much!! Add a new painting on the basement wall for me please 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post. Can not wait to hear all about all your adventures in person. Sounds like you were celebrities! You will be missed around a few Thanksgiving tables this year.

    • Well, I wouldn’t go nearly that far. Although they were all pretty amazed about our travels and how much money we were spending in a year to do it.

  3. Love it, fellow Librans!

    But what did you eat?!

    • Ha! I’m afraid it wouldn’t have been your cuppa tea. Lots of meats smothered in gravy! But, I discovered my new favorite condiment, it’s called Avjar and it’s basically eggplant, tomato and peppers all blended together – delish!